Question: Once I have joined the club where do I login to the members only website?
Answer: Go to the Member Login page at the top of any page, then follow the on screen instructions.

Question: I have logged in but do not see the members only website?
Answer: This page that you arrive at first is your membership information page, here you will find a heading called "Your Subscriptions" directly underneath there will be a green hyperlink describing the subscription you chose for example UK (Single Membership) click on this and you will be taken to the members website.

Question: There is no active hyperlink for me to click?
Answer: This is because your payment has not yet been received once received you will be notified and the hyperlink will then become available.

Question: If I have paid pay by Cheque how long will I have to wait to gain access?
Answer: Once we receive your payment at our office your account will be activated.

Question: I have moved how do I change my registered address?
Answer: You must contact us stating your name, username, your old address and the new one you wish to use. However if you are a Dorset Resident member we will only except an address change to another BH postcode. If you have moved out of the BH postcode area, should you choose to join again the following year then you must subscribe to a UK standard single membership and then inform us of the new address details.

Question: My membership is nearing it's end how do I renew?
Answer: You can do this at anytime either nearing subscription end or well in advance, this can be done from your membership information page. Simply select your membership type from the drop down box, then send a cheque using the details you will be given. As mentioned you may renew at anytime, lets say you renewed your subscription 3 months before your current subscription is due to end. What would happen is that your new subscription would come into effect the very next day after the old one ends and would continue for another full year and there would be no interruption to your service.

Question: I have registered for the collectors club but I cannot login to the public gallery?
Answer: Your details are strictly for use on the members only area, if you want to use the public gallery as well you will need to register for that service independently. You may view the public gallery without registration but will need to register if you want to upload an image.